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How Can I Help You

We all have emotions, challenges, ideas and dreams. If you think you would benefit from exploring one or more of these areas, then coaching is for you. You look after your body through exercise, why not look after your mind too, with coaching! Coaching can be about any topic, both personal or professional. Coaching conversations are entirely confidential, a ‘safe space’ to explore your thoughts.

I’m Here to Support You

I will guide you in exploring your chosen areas, enabling you to forge realistic paths forward. I will help you to identify your strengths and learn ways to structure your challenges, breaking them down into small steps to solve. You will gain a better understanding of your own perception and habits, whilst uncovering strategies for self-improvement.

We can discuss your problems

Don’t Know Where to Go?

You can start making changes in your life at any time, so take the first step now by reaching out to Blue Yonder Coaching. Together we’ll make an arrangement that suits your needs, wants and busy schedule.

We’ll Sit and Talk

We’ll have confidential one-on-one conversations. Coaching is entirely confidential, Choosing to examine as little or as much as you want, driving your own thinking forward at a comfortable pace and in directions that benefit you.

To Discover Your Solutions

You will appreciate and believe in yourself. You’ll feel inspired and empowered to take action on your goals, coming to understand that you can do anything that you set your mind to. You will feel a sense of pride when you notice a change within you, or when you accomplish a set goal.

About Me

I am a certified coach, having achieved Levels 1 and 2 of Organisational Coaching by IECL.

I also hold a Master’s degree in Education and my training includes workshops exploring psychology, counselling, wellbeing and mental health.

I work together with private clients and those within organisations. Sessions can take place face to face or online.

My life mission is to attain peace for myself and others. My coaching mission is to make an impact, just how being coached myself has had such an incredible impact on my own life.
I wish to empower others to take action, so that they can work towards and achieve their dreams, passions and life purpose.

I have been an international educator since 1999 in Asia and the Middle East, teaching adults, as well as teenagers and children. My experience in this field has cultivated my open-mindedness. This, I feel, helps me to understand needs, demands and psychological aspects, all of which are natural parts of human nature.

My desire for peace and harmony in all areas of my life, naturally led me to exploring the area of coaching. It has enhanced my devotion to use deep relationships amongst people, in conjunction with the belief that we can all reach our potentials, leading to becoming our authentic selves.

A lifelong learner, by developing my own sense of purpose through my coaching practice, I endeavour to ignite curiosity, empathy, passion and confidence in my coaching counterparts. I believe that people progress at a deeper level when they are actively involved in how and what they learn. I therefore see my role as guide and co-learner. I respect each of my counterparts as individuals, understanding that they develop at different rates and in varying ways. I provide tailored opportunities to learn and grow.


Nurul Huda:

"Coaching with Mel was personally beneficial, as I focused on myself. It was great to have a 'pause' and have time to able to talk about anything, or whatever was on my mind”


“I have had several coaching sessions with Mel. Her caring, supportive and calm approach always makes me feel comfortable in sharing my thoughts. Mel is an attentive listener and her thoughtful & considerate questioning has helped me to become more reflective. Mel’s coaching sessions have also empowered me to set achievable personal and professional goals”

Mrs Rajoo:

“This was my first coaching experience. Melwas extremely professional and the coaching sessions I had helped me gain confidence in myself”


“Thanks Mel, for your engaging insights when carrying out coaching sessions with me. I enjoy the thinking that comes with each session. Your positive attitude and thought provoking moments always guide me further to where I am heading. Thank you again and hopefully we can plan more sessions in the coming months”